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在过去的两年里, reorganizational efforts have redistributed planning and grant responsibilities to the Office of the President and the Advancement and Communications unit, 分别. 随着这些变化,并与该领域的最佳实践相一致, we are excited to formally announce a new name and vision for what was previously institutional research – the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE).

The complex challenges and opportunities our community faces demand data to fuel creative minds in discovering, 连接, 解释, 告知突发问题. IE’s alignment with IT allows our researchers to creatively explore the universe of questions that inform our work. It enables us to identify and connect siloed data from across campus to create stories that provide a broader context and deeper understanding of topics important to our community.

优先考虑伙伴关系, 数据民主化, 并将IE与IT结合起来, IE的人员配备计划包括一名主任, 高级研究员, 和一个共同的行政助理的支持.

Below you will find more background on how and why these changes are being implemented and examples of what the department has accomplished.

Institutional effectiveness moves beyond mandatory reporting to using data to make informed decisions in higher education. A partnership between the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) and 信息rmation Technology (IT) provides opportunities for digital transformations (Dx) that improve the student experience and aid operational agility as an institution. 而IE办公室支持学院的评估文化, AEI部门继续在该领域发挥领导作用.

在过去的三年里, 收集的数据的价值和数量, 存储, 担保, 高等院校的学生人数呈指数级增长. Where once a Minnesota State college IE/IR office could satisfy their college’s data needs by querying ISRS and reporting on what happened last year, 上个月, 上周, SPC社区需要更多.

我们的社区认识到 predictive and prescriptive analytics and innovative research that connects disparate quantitative and qualitative data to create a three-dimensional view of our students and institution. By augmenting the research and analytical skills of the IE department with the advanced technical skills of data management, 安全, 矿业, 在IT的数据服务部分中找到的架构, IE办公室可以更快、更可持续地将研究和数据创新带到校园. 这一战略的主要组成部分包括:

  • Automating routine tasks to provide faculty and staff time to prioritize and personalize student interactions and experiences;
  • 现在投入时间来提高未来的效率;
  • 在整个机构内建立数据用户的联合网络;
  • 培养机器学习方面的人才. 人工智能,以及预测性和规范性技术.


The goal of the D2L data sets/data-informed intrusive interventions project is to increase student course success and retention. 在一次试航中, Title III advisors used dashboards to identify and advise students who would benefit from additional support. 这个项目正在向其他顾问提供, 我们正在与其他明尼苏达州立学院和大学合作提供, 构建, 并在校园内共享仪表板.

目前, colleges are required to unenroll students who have not 担保 a tuition payment method before classes begin. 与多个部门和IT部门合作, the IE department moved from reporting what students were dropped to predicting which students were likely to be impacted. 这一变化使工作人员能够主动联系学生, 确保所需的信息,以防止丢失, 并显著减少受影响的学生人数.

来自学院14个领域的反复请求, IE以前经常重复提供的是什么, 是否已通过自助服务门户转换为按需报告. 这个入口网站, 哪个会继续发展, provides just-in-time access to near- real-time data for decision-making at all levels of the organization. 当发现循环任务时, IE和IT人员投入时间来自动化这个过程, 提高效率,让IE员工有时间发挥他们先进的研究技能.

工业工程学院正在与其他两年制学院建立关系,共享资源, 数据检索码, 自动化技术, 报告生成技能. This resource sharing reduces duplication of efforts across similar campuses and provides rich data sets for research.

Architectural efforts are underway to join data points from siloed data repositories across campus and within proprietary software. This continuing effort eases access to data and standardized SQL coding and retrieval methods to conform to industry best practices in data design and structure. 这项工作为更复杂的自动化提供了健壮的基础结构, 简化流程, 并且可以创建自助服务数据门户.


欧博官网概况书 是否集中收集有关注册的信息和数据, 度, 专业, 学生人口统计和学生成绩.

事实手册包含按证书级别分类的学生成绩数据(关联, 证书, 文凭), 包括保留率和完成率.


事实手册中的所有定义都在 数据字典.


制度研究, Planning and Effectiveness provides summary research reports several times each year in order to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly resource f or college stakeholders. 每年提供的摘要报告因获得数据的频率而异, 检验管理时间表, 以及当地的研究项目.

The IPEDS comparison report is updated on an annual basis and uses the annual IPEDS Data 反馈 reports create by the National Center for Education Statistics. IPEDS收集与入学和毕业率有关的机构级数据, 机构成本和财务, 教职工数据, 学生人口统计. Saint Paul College is compared to a comparison group of similar institutions located in Midwestern states for the last 3 years .


Saint Paul College administers three national surveys on a rotating basis to better understand student engagement and satisfaction. The Noel-Levitz 学生 Satisfaction Survey measures student satisfaction in relation to key campus 服务s and student experiences. The Community College Survey of 学生 Engagement (CCSSE) and the Survey of Entering 学生 Engagement (SENSE) look at student engagement related to student experiences and participation in activities or resources that promote student success. The CCSSE survey focuses on all students on campus while the SENSE survey focuses on students earliest experiences at Saint Paul College.

学生 Right-To-Know is a federal law that requires all colleges and universities to disclose certain information to students. A college must provide to students on graduation rates and transfer-out rates for full-time students seeking 度 at Saint Paul College.


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